Routine Patients Test

The UTC is preparing for the Routine Patients test that will occur in Spring of 2020. This test seeks to better define routine patient visits separately from non-routine visits. The test will also determine whether reported UDS clinical quality measure (CQM) performance is influenced by including non-routine visits in CQM data.


Routine Patients Test Process

  1. Define the routine and non-routine patients using electronic data available from Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  2. Calculate and compare patient counts, visit counts, and CQM performance for routine, non-routine, and total patient cohorts
  3. Test the feasibility and burden of reporting volume and CQM performance by routine, non-routine, and total patient cohorts

The Health FFRDC is working with the UTC to kick off the testing process with the identified test participants.


Routine Patients Test Resources

Resources will be shared here as they become available.