eCQM Alignment Test

The goal of the electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) Alignment test was to assess the feasibility and burden of transitioning UDS to fully align with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) eCQM specifications. We conducted a side-by-side comparison of CQM scores, comparing 2018 CQMs derived using UDS specifications to 2018 CQMs derived using CMS specifications. 


Test Timeframe

The eCQM Alignment was the first test of the UDS Modernization Initiative, which began in June 2019 and ended in August 2019.

Test Progress

An analysis was completed on the data received for eCQM Alignment test. The results were shared with UTC participants and HRSA. HRSA will review results from the test to help inform decisions about how to best move forward.


eCQM Alignment Resources

Resources will be shared here as they become available.