Introduction to the UTC

UDS Test Cooperative


Introduction to the UTC

The UDS Test Cooperative (UTC) is a collective of representatives from Health Centers, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs) and Health Vendor Groups, who work together to test and evaluate proposed UDS changes.


The UTC will:

  • Provide HRSA early and evidence-based feedback
  • Ensure that the UDS solutions will not place undue burden on health centers
  • Pilot UDS changes before they are broadly implemented
  • Recommend how to most effectively implement these changes

Roles and Responsibilities

The Health FFRDC

The CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (Health FFRDC) serves as an independent convener of the UTC.

The Health FFRDC:

  • Develops the test plans, timeline and resources for review by the UTC Steering Committee and Vendor Group
  • Coordinates tests, oversees data release, analyzes results, and protects against unauthorized disclosures
  • Supports the processes and procedures of the UTC to ensure it is operating effectively
  • Provides recommendations to HRSA that are informed by the advice and guidance of the UTC Steering Committee and Vendor Group
UTC Steering Committee

The UTC Steering Committee is the primary collaborative body of the UTC, serving in an advisory role to the Health FFRDC.

The UTC Steering Committee:

  • Establishes and maintains a sustainable test capability
  • Organizes, supports, and oversees the execution of tests
  • Provides strategic guidance and recommendations to the Health FFRDC, all to help ensure the goals of UDS Modernization efforts are achieved
The Vendor Group

The Vendor Group serves in an important function, providing unique perspective, support, and access for UTC testing.

The Vendor Group:

  • Provides input and feedback on test plans
  • Works with Health Centers to conduct tests by setting up the testing infrastructure and engineering software changes
  • Provides results and feedback from tests
Health Centers

The Health Centers serve a critical role in the success of the UTC.

The Health Centers: 

  • Provide unique perspective, real-world examples and feedback to inform UTC testing
  • Work with Vendors and UTC members to participate in select tests and providing access to non-attributional data, resources and support to enable the UTC tests
  • Share results and feedback from test they participate in